My love for baking began at the age of 11 years old when my father would take me to the Los Angeles Produce Market to sell my “Lynde’s Lushee’s” Cookies. Fast forward 30 years and I found myself sharing that love of baking with my daughters. We began making this incredibly delicious chocolate chip pumpkin bread together. During the holidays, we wanted to show our gratitude to my clients with more than just company swag and wanted to offer something from the heart. And so, “The Kitchen of the Kaufman Girls” was open for business. From October through December, we would make hundreds of loaves of this amazing bread to not only clients but to friends, and friends of friends. We always proclaimed that it was Pumpkin Bread Season during that time of year and our home smelled like a warm hug. Year after year the requests kept coming in for the bread and not only during the holidays. So, we decided to enter this delicious bread into the LA County Fair Bake Off. Much to our surprise, we won first place and the blue ribbon. We always knew we had something special, but this was the validation we needed to take it to the next level...And that’s when K Girls Kitchen was born.